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We are a vertex, a conjunction of pioneering initiatives by entrepreneurs, investors, startups, brands and projects around the world that operate in the Cannabis industry and its diverse aspects: medicinal, food, textile, technological, biotechnological, marketplace, delivery, entertainment, cellulose, biodegradable, among others. All this is possible and supported by our wide availability of land for planting, production structure, laboratories alongside with relevant investments in our own scientific research and a solid partnership with Universities and pharmaceutical groups.

The various operations, local and global, are synergistic and complementary, giving MAETÉ a great strategic management strength. Our Board is composed of members with vast scientific knowledge, extensive experience in their fields of activity and networking, generating profitability and credibility to our operation managers. The exchange of Know-how and the vocation to break paradigms generate strong leverage and Cross Selling, invariably. By being based in several countries, knowing and respecting the pertinent legislation, we have subsidies and a strong legal framework to adapt our agenda, guaranteeing the necessary security in our way forward.

The MAETÉ group completed several acquisitions in the first quarter of 2021, further diversifying its operations in the cannabis market. We also consolidated the availability of 1,200 hectares of land and incorporated the first authorized company to plant in Brazil. The second fundraising round is scheduled for the second half of 2021, with the goal of acquiring other companies in full production along with expansion capacity to supply inputs, raw materials and scientific know-how, orientated especially for our acquired companies and partners.


We are experiencing a transition of the actual economic, social and political model while being challenged by a networked life where everything is connected: people, goods and information. Observing their movements, we were able to approach the Whole, understanding the present in order to project the future. The best way to predict that future is to create it.

If a society is built on its history and dreams, we dare to imagine and sow outside the established standards, using our fulfilling power to target activities, sectors and their real needs.


Maeté creates future
and new narratives.

We work with the greatest power in the world: Soil. We have improved its use with new tasks for existing structures that lead to sustainable paths. For us Sustainable is not a mere adjective, but a new course of action and operational management that will give a revolutionary design to the world expanding the quality of life of people, and effectively, doing the most with less. This is the case with Cannabis. The developed world has already seized its benefits and reaps its results.

Investment, research and innovation with new horizons for the Planet.

In the Creation nothing is in vain and without purpose. Cannabis is a millenary plant, with endless studied and proven applications.

Since its first records in 4000 a.C. in Pan-p'o village, China, hemp was considered one of the "five grains" and cultivated as a powerful alimentary crop – records show footprints of the plant in the oldest Pharmacopoeia in the world (Pen Ts'ao Ching, 2737 to.C.) along with the use of hemp for the ropes of the caravels which arrived for the colonization of Brazil.

In the 2000s .C. a movement supporting the medical legalization of cannabis began by the governments of different countries; their uses, functions and benefits are in constant proof and approval. There is no reason for any society to be deprived from the sake of its cultivation.

The Green and Creative Economy are a strategic priority for governments of the world leading countries. We work to empower this new economy that sows the future and frees us from the need to burden society with the importation of these medicinal products. We are confident that this will bring income to the country and to those who believe in it. 

Advanced operationalization, commitment and development

We will enter the Brazilian Market of non-psychoactive MEDICINAL and INDUSTRIAL Cannabis, and want to BECOME LEADERS. It is a unique plant, biodegradable, ecologically correct as the entire plant can be used: oil, fiber, biomass, seeds, pharmaceutical industry, textile, aesthetic (health and wellness), pulp/ food industries, and also being a better alternative to cotton, oil, plastic and other products.

By 2025 this market will move R$ 880 billion per year worldwide and a sustained possibility of expansion.

Those that stopped to observe, analyze and verify the health and financial outcomes along with the social welfare of it, are steps ahead of others. We will reach and overtake them as we have a team with the same wingspan and vision of the forces that will shape the future.

We have the best land in the world with a thriving agribusiness that cannot leave aside a product with an enormous worldwide demand and social appeal; in conjunction with the necessary resources needed to accomplish this mission that brings in its DNA social commitment and an alternative to collective medicinal issues. The final and absolute certainty of the enormous potential of wealth for Brazil and its investors!


Welcome to  Maeté which has Care as a purpose, Trust as a premise, Ethics as a principle and environmental, social and financial results as a consequence.

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